Yeek Gettin Moody

YeekEmpathy has got to be one of the hardest things a musician can successfully funnel to their listeners. Many artists struggle to convey their experiences through their work but the actual message tends to get lost, more often than not. So when I come across music that’s able to give me some small glimpse into a musician’s state of mind, I just can’t help but think that there’s something special in play. Here’s where YEEK comes into light.

Originally hailing from the Sunshine State, this producer, now independently based in LA, has popped up on the radar with the recent drop of his album, Current Mood. Before hitting play, I’ll admit that I thought everything which could be done with the production side of hip hop had already been covered – especially with songs like Big Sean’s “I Don’t Fuck With You” hitting top charts and setting the standard for that genre with its ace production…

(I hope I didn’t lose any readers in that last sentence because I was totally kidding and everything about that song gives the impression that it was written by a very spiteful and vulgar 7 year old.)

To get back to the point, I just want to say that YEEK has crafted one of the more forward thinking ventures in experimental hip hop I’ve heard in quite some time. Each track in Current Mood is a different character in its own way but YEEK wonderfully blends them together to create an album with a surprisingly rich narrative. Tracks like “Let’s Have A Home” and “Dream < Bigger” are so abundantly layered with thoughtfully chosen beat progressions and noise samples that if you were to relate them to some sort of vegetable, they would probably be compared to those GMO onions the size of softballs. “Mad”, “State Of Mind”, and “Turtle” are songs that have you pause for a moment because their underlying messages are worth that minute or two of actual contemplation. One of my personal favorites, “Professional Dancer”, is probably the only track that seemed a bit out of place in the album as it leans towards the pop side of hip hop, but it was one of the songs that had me shamelessly gyrating my body while I was listening to it in public.

I could go on and individually highlight the peaks of each track but I won’t because it’s ultimately up to the listeners to interpret it in their own way. But to me, what ultimately stood out in this album was that overarching feeling of empathy I mentioned earlier and how he rightfully translates that to the listeners with the use of unique soundscapes and thought-felt lyrics. Throughout the album, I couldn’t help but feel that YEEK was yearning for something grander than the norm – a feeling that most of us, including me, struggle with every day. I’m not saying that Current Mood is a calling for a materialistic and opulent lifestyle but it’s more so a piece of art that allows you to think about what you want out of yourself.

You can listen to the entire album here but if you want to show some support, be sure to cop it on iTunes.

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