WAXHOLE PREMIER: Muta with that Novice Code




Definition of MUTABLE
1: prone to change : inconstant
a : capable of change or of being changed
b : capable of or liable to mutation


Denver’s Muta has always been a man of few words, and that’s ok with me. Muta’s music is the type that can speak volumes between each beat. Ever one to take us into the more avant garde side of music, Muta’s music has always struck me as straight up un self-conscious and un compromised direct expression. His sound has changed and morphed over the years, yet he’s always managed to maintain that level of complexity and expression that is his alone. For those that enjoy the sounds of FlyLo, Aphex Twin, Tipper or EDit you’ll find something to enjoy with Muta’s sounds.


His latest ‘Novice Code’ from the MASSIVE compilation from Shoeboxx is a stellar journey featuring some straight bubbly rubber bass goodness, a dash of 90s retro wave and a triple mind fold of percussive madness.


Don’t miss this and a ton more goodness in the upcoming compilation from Denver’s Shoeboxx Records, look for it coming hot off the presses November 25th!

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