Tuesday 4Pack From Bewilderbeast, Sterling Flow, JAILO, & True Key

toveloYou would think that the week of Thanksgiving (for us Yanks), and it being only Tuesday that there’d be a bit of a lull in the music world.  But nope, there’s still tons of great tunes getting dropped left and right.  And because of that, as you know, I am having to throw down yet another multi-track post in order to push through this insanely deep To Do pile I have.

First tune is one that’s a week old (yeah I know not as fresh as I’d like, but JAILO has forgiven me by now…I think?), but holy shit is it fire.  A remix of Alison Wonderland X Lido’s tune So Cold, this one showcases that JAILO can not only remix some lighter, vibey goodness, but can take on the heavier dishes as well.  remixing Lido is always tough since you’re working with such a good original.  But JAILO has indeed done it well and done it nicely. Love the quintessential JAILO breakdowns to settle you down, reset the mood, give you a breather before you get down again.

The second tune on deck is from blog fam True Key. His tune Orca Part II (here’s Part I), is a nice chiller vibe. But wait, is that a juke beat I hear in the background? How does chill and juke happen? Aren’t they genre oxymorons? Maybe so, but True Key has done it. It’s a dope tune and I’m glad he’s droppin music again after a brief hiatus.

Then we have a more lighter affair with Sterling Flow’s chopped and screwed effort of Tove Lo’s tune “Scream My Name”. So I’m not a huge fan of chopped and screwed tunes as there isn’t a ton of work that goes into it. But for me, the true appeal of C & S type music is the selection of the original. A tune you wouldn’t expect to be chopped and screwed usually works for me. This Tove Lo tune would fall into that category for me. And y’know I’m still groovin to his Biggie remix from the weekend, so there’s two in the earholes from this guy.

The fourth and final tune is from an artist I’ve just gotten onto by the name of Bewilderbeast. Remixing a tune that our pal BAILE remixed a few weeks ago this one is more of an ambient, atmospheric remix. employing sweeps and a beat that is more akin to a shutter banging in a storm lending to the otherworldly feel of the tune.

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