sqaure 36

Weekend dump turkey day edition has arrived, check out this bath of goodness while you nom on those lovely Thanksgiving leftovers:

Artist: Aaliyah
Track: If Your Girl Only Knew (Nehzuil remix)

Nehzuil once again remixes a track to such greatness that it sounds like a new original.

Artist: Foreign Beggars x Alix Perez
Track: Modus (Calyx & Teebee Remix)

Some classic vibes from vets Calyx and Teebee with their latest remix.

Artist: Evil Needle
Track: R.E.M.

Seriously smooth vibes from Mr Needle with R.E.M.

Artist: Mr Carmack
Track: Death (DIVERSA Rework)

Diversa re-working Carmack? YES PLEASE

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