Weekend 34 has arrived, and once again I’ve got a fresh new batch of musical goodness for your ears, check it:

Artist: kuma & herzeloyde
Track: heartwork

Kuma and Herzeloyde team up for some serious feels with ‘heartwork’

Artist: Robot Koch
Track: Let Me (feat curtain blue and born in flamez)

Robot Koch once again shows superb versatility in production

Artist: Kimyan Law
Track: Eclairage

Kimyan Law takes us on an absolutly haunting journey with ‘Eclairage’, and also – Hooray for more female producers!

Artist: KOAN Sound & Culprate & Asa & Sorrow
Track: Mosaic

ALl you need to know is when this team gets together magic happens

Artist: Xian & Gaszia ft. Kida
Track: Home

Pure auditory silk with this one

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