That New SVNSET Is So French

SVNSETFranck Rivoire has temporarily set aside the mantle of DANGER to pursue a new path as SUNSET. For now, he has forgone his iconic optic-illuminated mask and now dons a dark veil and a cap adorned with the year 1789- possibly a nod to the start of the French Revolution but more likely a reference to his current record label.

In order to bring vision and life to SUNSET’s new EP, Franck has partnered himself with friend and director, Raphael Siboni and they’ve coupled each track with it’s own unique music video.  Through this collaborative union, they’ve crafted a musical narrative that is both visually and aurally elegant. The tracks on the EP are actually episodes to a story whose setting takes place somewhere on a warm and inviting beach but don’t let that fool you- it’s a story that delves into the “darkness of summer”, as Raphael put it.  Believe it or not, the inspiration for this release was due in part to the experiences Franck and Raphael had at the Ultra Music Festival 2013 in Miami. Raphael summed it all nicely by saying, “You are lonely, while being surrounded by fifteen hundred thousand girls in fluorescent bikinis, all pressed against you, facing the stage of the Ultra Music Festival. You are penetrated by the kicks of every bass modulation. And above all the trance sounds, there is a voice inside of yourself, telling you that, one day, you and everyone around you is going to die.” Man, that’s some deep and existential shit and I guess when you surround yourself with an onslaught of meatheads dressed in YOLO shirts and bikini-clad women, there’s just a spark that ignites inside of you.

SUNSET’s first track, ‘Krystal’, was released around this time last year and although it doesn’t share the same story narrative as the rest of the tracks, it does keep true to the overall tone of the EP and it most definitely shares Siboni’s visual touch. Every video has beautifully symmetrical backdrops that are unique in their own fashion- with images of men pumping iron as femme fetales keep guard to a rendition of Michelangelo’s Pieta. The use of the strobe lights to follow the tempo of the harsh trance synths is nothing new to electronic music but when the songs hit their climax, it’s an odd and magnetic payoff. The dark electro-trance tone sets the mood for the story and perfectly accompanies the narrative all the while SUNSET eerily recites his somber lyrics- all in French- of beautiful women that are lost in the moment without any idea of the futility of the debaucherous lives they are living. It’s safe to say that SUNSET and Raphael Siboni have crafted entrancing pieces that demand contemplation.

Grab the EP here, have a listen for yourself, and tell me if I was just looking too much into it.  Check out all the videos at SUNSET’s Youtube.

If you want a taste of DANGER, look no further.

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