Tanko Rising

TankoRisingLife’s gotten crazy over here for me lately and it’s really wreaked havoc upon my listening schedule.  For instance I miss completely some tunes from homies that I have been looking forward to for months, and sometimes I get a tune in my earhole just as planned.  Well, the former has been happening with much more frequency than the latter and it happened here with the homey Tanko.

Tanko was first introduced on the blog back last year with his Psychotherapy EP and since then he’s been on the blog in various forms.  As an exclusive tune (HERE), and as a winner of a remix contest for Resonata’s release, Tanko can be classified as an artist firmly within the Waxhole fold…whether he likes it or not.  And we are thrilled to be privvy to his new sounds whether while being worked on, or as soon as they drop.

So as you can imagine, the fact that this post is coming weeks after the EP dropped and days after his Fort Road remix hit is, for me, unconscionable.  But alas, life gets in the way at the most inopportune times.  But now you get the tunes in your face and you need them all.

First below is a remix of his buddy Fort Road (who is good and worth a follow himself).  Utilizing the drums he loves to employ and to great effect, he’s turned this chill tune into a fun head nodding affair.  The original is good, and the remix is good.  For us fans of good, this is a double win!

Then you have two tracks from his EP he’s been working on for awhile now.  One of the tunes below as featured in our mix for the homey Complexion, and the entire EP was followed from WIP to release.  Great tunes, great theme, and great execution of a thematic EP.  Get the EP for free (HERE), and by all means give him a follow.  He’s a great producer who has more to come.


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