Subaqueous Gets DRRTY

artworks-000096837630-ywhvp0-t500x500 The world of mid-tempo electronic fusion just got another great album. Subaqueous (Facebook, Soundcloud) just released his latest album Tides of Twilight. This twelve track album is a deep journey that moves from soft caressing waves to undulating currents. The album takes the listener on an immersive journey through there own mythos. You can also read the online version of the story and images at

While there are lots of collaborations on this album this particular track “Phase Shift” features one of our favorites, DRRTYWULVZ (Facebook, Soundcloud) You might remember him from his remix of Bronze Whale‘s “Drive” from the Double Feature EP or from his very own Imaginary EP, but fans of DRRTYWULVZ will definitely be able to pick out his subtile additions to the composition and production of this track. Keep your eye on the DRRTYWULVZ Soundcloud as well. Rumor has it that he’s got a few tunes coming down the line soon.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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