Spoken Bird Gets Goopy On Tanko’s Nagozio

SpokenTankoIf you have followed the blog you will have seen the two gentlemen involved in this exclusive. And if not, well get introduced. We’ve been following both remixer and remixee for a hot minute and they’ve come together in wonderful fashion for this Exclusive. Spoken Bird has been a part of Waxhole as a frequent Turntable.fm guest and follower of the blog providing feedback and general interactions from the early days. Tanko, is an artist I stumbled upon last year and have been lapping up everything he’s given out ever since. Just last week we featured some newness from him (HERE), and he shows no signs of slowing down.

At this past Burning Man Spoken Bird he heard this original in a set and he just had to know who it was and how he could remix it. The original is off of his Psychotherapy EP he released last year (and covered HERE), and it is one of the gems of the EP. Spoken Bird has remixed it, employing his signature goopy space bass and the grooving vibes he always employs.

Thanks to Spoken Bird for letting us host this exclusive and looking forward to his new sounds coming soon. Check him out on his Soundcloud and Twitter, and show him some love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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