Lido Works Magic On Two Bodies

Lido FFLido lends his magic touch on yet another track, this time remixing Flight Facilities’ “Two Bodies”. The original song is a satisfying piece of smooth house especially with vocals led by the always sensual Emma Louise and so I went into this track wondering what Lido would add to a song whose sweet atmosphere had already been established. Honestly, I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised with what Lido has laid down.

Lido is known to flip tracks on their heads with a sound akin to intense electro trap but with his reworking of “Two Bodies” the gentler side of his production emerges. His remix is only a fraction of the length of the original song but the allure of Lido is his ability to encapsulate the listener in that short moment. He keeps Emma Louise’s sultry vocals at the helm but layers it with gorgeous key melodies and bubbly noise samples that turn the piece into a dreamy scene full of emotion and wonder. Have a listen here and try to hold back the feels.

Posted By: The Brain

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