Left/Right Remix Update

LeftRightPuzzle remix update for you producers out there who read the blog.  A few weeks ago we announced that our friend Left/Right is releasing stems to a track of his for anyone and everyone to try their hand.  But now we’d like to sweeten the pot to not only get even more people to try their hand, but to also showcase a few of these.  In an effort to do so, we will be releasing a free remix pack EP (dropping January 19th) on the blog and doing features on those tracks and artists. The judging will be based upon Waxhole editorial staff and Left/Right’s discretion where no popularity contest is applied.  Strictly based on the merit of the remix.

In order to stroke the ego and declare an out and out winner (this is always so hard to do, btw) we will have a prize structure and other details:

Prize: 1st Place – Inclusion on the Remix Pack (Fre Release), Waxhole T-Shirt, Feature on the blog; 2nd Place – Inclusion on the Remix Pack (Free Release) but below 1st place winner, because there’s gotta be a top dog, right?, Waxhole T-Shirt, Feature on the blog; 3rd Place – Feature on the blog

Rules: All remixes accepted.  Contest ends January 12th, 2015! The winners will be chosen by Left/Right, and Waxhole.  This is not a popularity contest.

Remix Parts and Submission Method: The remix parts can be downloaded from the Waxhole Bandcamp HERE , and submitted via Private Soundcloud link to WaxholeRecords@gmail.com

If you missed the tune originally, get at it below and and enjoy the free download, if nothing else.  Using just the vocals is acceptable too, for those who like to mess with acapella’s, but send us your remixes at waxholerecords@gmail.com and we’ll sort them, and judge on them and announce the winners by January 13th.

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