Jeff Sontag Covers Rubee Rayne

SontagI had taken a good look at my iTunes library recently and I’d realized one thing: Sure, I’ve got a lot of bangers in queue that are perfect for some exhilarating sexy-time but I am utterly lacking in any tracks that set the mood for some heated foreplay. That is, until I was introduced to Jeff Sontag’s sensual melodies.

Sontag produces and lends his R&B vocals to cover Rubee Rayne’s “Don’t Say You Love Me” and transforms it into a steamy track whose resounding heat will most definitely translate well in between the sheets. The song is a wonderful blend full of atmospheric synths, sultry vocals, immersive percussion, and resounding pads that emblazon his skills as a musician. As an artist, Jeff Sontag is varied in his abilities to produce tracks that take on different soundscapes and this vocal redux adds to that ever-changing resume.

So just dim the lights, spark some scented candles, get the body oil ready, and make sure this track is the first one to start the night off.

Be sure to grab the free download!

Posted By: The Brain

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