Introducing Hebinomichi Vol. 1

HebinomichiHebinomichi is a new collective to pop up on my radar and is definitely one to keep an eye on. Their starting roster of artists is rock solid and has a lot of promise with familiar names such as Maxx Baer, Tasty Treat, Pusher, and Rusty Hook.

Their first release, “Hebinomichi Compilation Vol​.​1 蛇 の 道” is full of future-bass flavors and makes for a very solid and exciting listen all the way through. Furthermore, the compilation is available for Free / “Pay What You Want” which is always a bonus!

Don’t sleep on this heat, go ahead and snag the compilation here and throw them a few bones if you’re really digging it. Be sure to keep up with Hebinomichi on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook to stay posted with their new releases and updates.

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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