Happy Fun Time Sunday 3Pack

LubokuWelp, the weekend’s almost over and we’ll be back to work, school, or whatever your week brings.  But before you get too down about the things that Monday will bring I have some happy tunes for you to enjoy and keep those feelings of impending doom on the backburner for a few hours longer.

These tunes are from two artists you know from reading the blog or just being in the know, and two of the tracks are from two artists that I just happened upon and have been digging.  Subp Yao, you know, and love, and for good reason. But then there’s Luboku & Hosaia, and Sterling Flow who you may not know. A three pack to enjoy the sun to, if you have it, or the comfy couch if thats the way you spend your downtime.

So for those artists you may not know, give them a follow and show them some love. They’re all different vibes, but all so good.

First off there’s this wonderful chill lovely Biggie Smalls remix that if this doesn’t put you in a summery CA frame of mind, I dunno what could. Sterling Flow (Soundcloud, Twitter), out of the eastern part of the US employs guitars with his production and without overcooking the guitar with needless riffs or wankery, he provides a good foundation for the production to take hold. His other works are more vocal oriented, and maybe a tad bit indie or pop for you, but this remix is just the dopeness.

Then we have a duo out of Melbourne by the name of Luboku on the production, and Hosaia on the vocals. Talking with them there is much more from the two to come, both together and on the solo tip. So get introduced and get happy for the EP to be dropped on december 1st.

As mentioned before, Subp Yao threw down this random remix of Beyonce and I mean come on, who doesn’t like a good Beyonce remix? especially when you have the deep heavy bass that Subp Yao is so adept at.

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