Glo – Along Came The Autumn [Video Review]

Oakland is in the middle of an economic and cultural shift, and with national focus slowly growing on the sunny side of the bay because of the recent influx of San Francisco transplants and Silicon Valley money, a new class of artists has stepped up to take advantage of the nation’s new found interest in their home. Glo is one of the more talented members of this class, and his recent release “Along Came The Autumn” is a testament to his lyrical ability and ear for quintessential beats.

The track, an ode to that one girl from summer, is reminiscent of some mid 90’s Souls of Mischief, with a simple, yet catchy hook and crunchy drums. With his first words, Glo hits the pocket of the beat perfectly, and just rides it the whole way through. While he needs to improve his enunciation and lyrical dexterity, he crafts an interesting story with illustrative wordplay in both verses, hitting the listener with gems like:

“Don’t judge by them guys in the past, you know how nice guys finish last
Well, I been fucking sitting in the stands, watching you deal with them so called star players that you really can’t stand”

The beat, crafted by 5th Sequence, is superb blend of ‘90s boom bap and the mellow synths of today that really captures the autumn vibe. As soon as the kicks hit, the groove forces you to start head bobbing. Add in the smooth sample and an unexpected, but perfectly placed sax solo by Are Too, and you have the perfect track to rock to as fall winds down.

Arman Alexander’s video doesn’t push any boundaries, but success lies in its simplicity. Clean shots of a normal San Francisco day are amplified by changes in hue and dancing outlines (possibly inspired by fellow bay artist IamSu?). The chosen locations are all visually interesting, and varied enough to keep your attention for the entire track.

All in all, Glo did a great job with this track and I’m looking forward to his debut album GloZone, which should be dropping in the near future. You can peep more of his work on his Soundcloud, if you are so inclined. And if you want go give him his props, follow him on Twitter and give a like on his Facebook.

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