Getting Faded With Thriftworks

ThriftworksFaderI am an unabashed fan of Thriftworks.  I will stop short of saying I’m a fanboy, but I’m pretty fuckin close to that.  Whenever he’s in town I go see him.  Whenever he drops new music I’m right there lapping it up like an obedient puppy.  So the fact that he’s released two EP’s thus far this month for an eye-popping total of  47 songs it’s almost too good to be true.  Christmas come early, and all of that, he’s given us some tunes to keep us cozy in front of the fire, or heater, or by the pool if you’re southern CA lucky asses.

The first EP, ‘Fade‘, is a nice little precursor to ‘Fader’, which are parts 1 and 2 to the trilogy he’s releasing this month.  ‘Fadest’ is coming in hot towards the end of the month and with all of these tunes in our ears, I’m not sure what to do, other than jam out. And some of these titles…”Fuck That Goat”, “Cooter Shooter”, “Meatloaf Twinkie”, and so on, it makes it seem as if he went through his folder of WIP’s and ideas and fleshed them out, taking the off the cuff names he assigned to them while he was working on them and has given them to us to enjoy. Featuring collabs with artists we all dig like ill-esha, Russ Liquid, and Insightful making this album so much better.

Three tunes below from a selection of 33 is a really hard exercise that would usually paralyze me wanting to make sure I take 3 of the most representative tunes from the release. But I can’t sit on this any longer so I will give you my favorite three tunes from my first pass and if it changes over time, well sue me. Teasing the album is what I need to do for you so consider yourself teased. And pick your favorite three, four, twenty, or whatever and keep jamming it out. Thriftworks is a road warrior, so when he comes to your city or state, you must go see him.

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