Friday Threepack From Omar Linx, Baht, & Herzeloyde

Following the Fourplay Friday’s is tough. But I have three tunes with a different type of vibe that you can use to get hyped, but then the Fourplay will get you goin for the after hours hijinx. The three tunes below, though are a little more upbeat, and are from some artists we’ve featured before in Herzeloyde, and Baht. But Omar Linx is a new artist, and this tune, produced by Zed’s Dead and Pro Logic, provides some dope backing for him.

First off is the tune from Linx. The whimsical production partnered with Omar’s stylings gives you a tune that fits as you hold onto the last vestiges of summer. The tune is from the upcoming album dropping December 2nd (get the pre-order HERE), and if this tune is any indication, this album will be just the happy fun stuff you’ll need for the dreary winter that is fast approaching.

Then there is Herzeloyde who I have been really loving ever since I first as introduced to his stuff (HERE). He’s been steady cranking out the goodness, and this tune is definitely no different. A tune that could be considered dark, could be considered wonky, and could be considered future bass. Whatever you want to call it is fine with me, but I just know that it’s straight up dope

Then comes Baht’s dope French Montana remix featured on SZYGY. I’ve been a fan of Baht for a hot minute ever since he started showing up on Team Supreme weeklies, and he hasn’t disappointed since.

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