Fourplay Friday Vol 16

FFSquare16 Friday Fourplay Vol 16! I found some real gems to get you through the workday and ready for the weekend. I’m excited because this is a combination of one of my favorite artists, another tune with a brand new singer, (first track on soundcloud new) along with a really great remix and a fantastic chill house tune. A grab bag of everything I like about Fourplay Friday.

First up I am excited about this new Made In Heights song. “Panther” shows you why this project is one to pay attention to. Deep beats, beautiful melody, catchy lyrics, and excellent production. A great opener for your Friday morning. Next we introduce Áine Aura, with this being her debut single I can say that there is more greatness to come down the line. Make sure you get in on the ground floor here and give her a follow on all of her social media outlets to stay informed of what is next. With two great openers you know we have to have something good next to keep the momentum going so we give you Beshken‘s remix of Liz‘s “Don’t Say (feat. Tyga)” This track start’s off totally chill and deep but amps up once you get into it raising the anticipation of Friday as we get closer to a happy hour. Last up we have a satisfying closer as Tontario brings is his remix of “Bloodflows” by SOHN. Starting off with a near perfect original is a good place to be but Tontario takes the chill experimental style of the original and makes it ready for the dancefloor. Speaking of which, now that we have brought the Fourplay to a close I hope you spend a little time with your friendly neighborhood dancefloor tonight.

Photo: Joseph Noctum
Model: Ashley Ford
MUA: Autumn Duris

Made In Heights – Panther

Áine Aura – Uncover

Liz – Don’t Say (feat. Tyga) (Beshken Remix)

SOHN – Bloodflows (Tontario Remix)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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