Fourplay Friday Vol 14

Volume 14 of Fourplay Friday is here and I am happy to see it. Today’s tracks are all ones that would be a welcome addition to my desert island collection. Just incase I ever get Robinson Crusoe‘d. The five things I would want to have with me incase of being stranded on a island would be, a huge music collection (with a way to play it), a big knife, a hammock, a tarp, and a Man Friday. (or a Girl Friday either one I’m not sexist). Incase your not hip with the late 18th century pop-culture idiom still that is still used in mainstream today, “Man Friday”, is used to describe a male personal assistant or servant, especially one who is particularly competent or loyal. Named so for the fictional character, Friday, from Robinson Crusoe. (Girl Friday was popularized by the 1940’s Cary Grant film, His Girl Friday.) I’m surprised this doesn’t make more desert island lists. Without Friday, Crusoe wouldn’t have had companionship, help, and might not have even got off the island.

So now lets kick the four tunes that will help you out of your cubicle island. Parra for Cuva featuring Monsoonsiren on their track “Champa” helps ease the morning tension like calming tides rolling across the beach. Rolling right into Neonhund‘s remix of “Holland” by Novo Amor to get the dance party started early. This four on the floor mood setter will have you looking forward to the welcome home party your weekend has in store for you. Next up with Cashmere Cat‘s remix of Ryn Weaver‘s “Octahate”. This one has just the right energy to get your work done. Crank it up and build your boat, son! Our final Bon Voyage, to this friday is a release from Stoney Roads Records. Mazde and La Mar carry us back home with the sweet, sweet beats.

Photo: Joseph Noctum
Model: Ashley Ford
MUA: Autumn Duris

Parra for Cuva – Champa (feat. Monsoonsiren)

Novo Amor – Holland (Neonhund Remix)

Ryn Weaver – Octahate (Cashmere Cat Remix)

Mazde – Shifted Thoughts (feat La Mar)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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