Flippin Out With djFlippy’s Weekly Wax

weeklywax27square As you probably figured out by now a big group Waxhole is based out of Austin, Texas. Today’s Weekly Wax comes from one of our hometown hero’s. djFlippy (Soundcloud, Facebook) has graced the pages of Waxhole before with a EP release here and recently with a dj mix that got our Monday turnt up. With today’s Weekly Wax djFlippy gets to show just how diverse he can be.

djFlippy loves to drop deep grooves and psychedelic soundscapes, while a barrage of samples seep into your mind and turn it inside out. He has played across the US rocking clubs with Breaks, House/UKGarage, UK HappyHardcore, and Breakcore, since ’97 but his heart is deep rooted in downtempo. djFlippy finds his home with like-minded hardcore chillers with the Manifest crew at Ambient Camping. It’s from the latest Ambient Campout that we get todays mix. This past weekend a collection of Texas staples gathered together and at it’s peak burned a giant effigy while djFlippy laid down the sweet sounds of chill trap and future beats that is about to grace your ears.

As for the mix at hand, djFlippy has given us a ton of great cuts to jam to from artists we have featured before, and some we haven’t, but all so good. So check out the mix, jam out, and if you’re Austin local catch a show and show djFlippy some love!


El. Train – Rock With You
SimilarObjects – Dawn(AllAlone) (djFlippy’s Psychedelic Edit)
Catching Flies – Stay Forever (Live Version)
Diversa – Shimmer
I’m From Finland – Limbo
Galimatias – Ocean Floor Kisses
Stumbleine – Nicotina
Daughter – Smoke (Owen Bones Bootleg)
Mr. Carmack – Rocket
Missy Elliott – The Rain (LTGL RMX)
Electric Mantis – Rain In a Port City
MadBliss & SteezyZo – Royal
Stwo – Aura
Evil Needle – Captivate
Damien Smith – Quirky Electro Soul
Haan808 – Show Me
S LO – Stoned Love
Thrupence – Silk
The SEVENth Sango – S-Curve
Tennyson – For You
Lido – Money (Lindsay Lowend remix)
Scientific – Porcelain
El. Train – All You Need
Klimeks – Eyes (Wide) Shut

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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