DRRTYWULVZ With That Happy Music Exclusive

drrtywulvzsquareDRRTYWULVZ is one of those guys who has been part of the Waxhole fam before waxhole really took off. A local Austin DJ and producer who swims in many of the same circles, he’s a friend who happens to be (lucky for us!) a fantastic producer. This a talented producer who has many things planned for 2015. Tracks for EP’s, and/or albums are piling up on his plate and he’s about ready to show us all what he’s been working on the past few months. In the meantime he’s been playing shows and festivals and his creative juices have been flowing non-stop. Tracks have come about that haven’t always fit what you might expect from him, but that’s alright, because as whimsical and off the cuff as these tunes can be, they’re still dope.

This tune is one of those whimsical creations. Made when he was at Art Outside, a great little festival outside Austin, he threw this down off hand. With great producers, tunes that are made off hand or just messing around are usually better than most producers 14 hour labors. When he showed me the outline I knew he had something good on his hands. He was so awesome in fleshing it out for us to host as an exclusive, and he’s given us a great feel good tune.

So give him a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook), show him some love, and give him thanks for this nice smiley exclusive.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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