DAS KAPITAL Gives Us a FAT Turkey Day Track

artworks-000098144363-tukf0a-t500x500 If you follow the blog you know who Das Kapital (Facebook, Soundcloud) is by now. If you don’t then I’ll refer you back the the Double Feature EP we dropped leading with the Das Kapital remix of “Drive” by Bronze Whale.

Das Kapital’s newest track is a secret weapon that he has been using in his sets this year. It’s the sexorcism remix of “Lights Out” by PH Fat (Facebook, Soundcloud) featuring Jung Freud (Facebook, Soundcloud). I can see why he is been keeping this weapon to himself. It’s a pretty powerful track, perfect for a dark club or a big festival. Good news is tomorrow he is dropping the free download hammer on this heater.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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