ABSRDST Making It Rain

absrdstCan Cashmere Cat’s tracks be flipped in a way that would make them best fit most of our memorable childhood video games – from Megaman X to Super Mario 64? On the rare occasion that someone would ever ask me that question, I might’ve brushed them off with some pretentious snide remark or just replied with a deep and resounding no. It’s a good thing that hypothetical scenario has never come to fruition because I would’ve just made a giant fool of myself, all thanks to ABSRDST.

Based out in Massachusetts, ABSRDST (pronounced Absurdist) spins Cashmere Cat’s “Rice Rain” into a future hip hop track that is chalk full of sounds that would hit any gamer with those nostalgia feels. ABSRDST takes us on a cosmic journey with sweeping synths and bouncing bass patterns, all adorned with background beat progressions reminiscent of those 8-bit soundtracks you would hear from your Gameboy as you played to be the world’s best pokemaster. It’s a rollercoaster of a song – you’ll be traveling up and down these beautifully meshed glitched melodies just to be lunged into the sporadic synth-jazz send off that serves as the song’s blissful climax. You’re then left with the euphoric guitar plucked outro that’ll have you floating along to the next level.

ABSRDST has left us with this piece of sonic treasure and now I can’t help but itch for more.  You can listen and grab the free download here!

Posted By: The Brain

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