3-Pack Of Good Tunes From BAILE, KNDL, & CloZee

ClozeeeThree tracks have dropped recently that deserve your attention and your love.  All from Artists we’ve featured, some for a long time, and some for a short time, but all still making dope music, and still being good good people.

Whether you’re talking about CloZee who we’ve been loving since 2012, or BAILE who we’ve been following since last year as part of Silent Rider, or KNDL who we’ve just recently found and started digging on, you get a glimpse of the peoples we call fam and the peoples we love seeing their new stuff drop.

First tune is from CloZee, who is just recovering from her first, and triumphant, tour of the States, and true to form she isn’t resting, but rather starting to push out some tunes that have either been backlogged or she’s been working on throughout her stint in the States. This one, she warns, isn;’t of the glitchy, bass heavy variety many of her fans love, but more melodic and atmospheric, which we all know she can pull off with aplomb *cough**cough*. Hell, she could produce country music and smash it.

NOTE: This by no means is a request or suggestion, Chloe. 🙂

Then we have BAILE who has remixed White Royal’s tune ‘Notice’. And true to form, he’s taken a great tune by itself, and made a chill version, bending the vocals, adding some atmosphere and just generally being awesome. The band itself, White Royal, is worth a follow too, as their originals are some good good tunes.

Last but not least we have the dude KNDL from Australia giving us another great chill tune to gnosh on. This one off of a great compilation from Ethereal. This tune showcases that KNDL can not only flip the rnb hotness but make dope originals on his own. He’s a talent to watch and knowing his future plans we’ll be getting some good doses soon.

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