We Love Lido Too

lidoremixesEarlier this summer, Norwegian producer Lido debuted his premier EP I Love You and to say that it was well received would be one hell of a lackluster statement. The EP released under Pelican Fly Records is nothing short of an amazing introduction into Lido’s musical mind, if you didn’t know already. But no debut is complete without a slew of remixes to follow and Lido’s tracks are handled excellently in the newly released Remix EP.

DJ Hoodboi, Para One, Obey City, Lindsay Lowend, and HeavyxMellow lend their talents to add their own flare on Lido’s tracks. Lowend’s remix stands out the most to me, with his wonderful blend of low key 8-bit tunes, a sexy funk atmosphere, and an orchestral breakdown that beautifully sends you into the song’s crescendo. It’s a great flip on the tone of the original track and just takes it to an entirely different level.

Also check out Editor’s pick remix done by good friend of the blog, HeavyxMellow who is doing big things on the dl, as well as above ground, now with this remix. If you’ve never heard of him before, well you better get acquainted, and soooooon. The vocals on this track? yeah that’s HeavyxMellow hisself.  You might have known him as Evv.  Double threat, this guy.

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