Threepack To Get Your Weekend Started Chill

CircHalloween for some in an excuse to dress up and act a fool.  We all been there, we’ve all done it, and we’ll all do it again.  But for those who prefer (or are forced to) the more chill side of Halloween.  Now I can’t think of what a designated chill Halloween would be unless you couldn’t give a sod about the whole thing, but whatever the case, we have your soundtrack sorted.

First off we have our good friends Kiings getting ready to drop their album has been leaking a few singles here and there to get that excitement stoked or piqued, whatever your familiarity might be. This tune features female vocals from Piper Davis, and as with any work they do with vocalists, Kiings does it right. A great first glimpse and I cannot wait for the entire thing to drop.

Then we have Circ, whose three track EP (HERE) dropped with such summery tunes you’d almost forget the thermometer has started dipping. The first track from the EP, and below, is so sunny you might not understand why you’re knees are knocking in your shorts and tanktop when you go outside. But yes, weather outside aside, this tune will brighten up wherever you might be. You need a break from the gray doldrums of school, work, whatever, put this EP on repeat and escape.

And then we have KNDL, with his chillness sweeping over vocal chops, and nice bass sounds that thump without bumping you out of your silent reverie.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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