Three Pack Of Saturday Tunes From Soulular, TYR, And Spoken Bird

Jamie-N-Commons-Lead-Me-Home-TYR-Remix-600x564Three tunes have come to me in quick succession and in order to get them out to you in a timely fashion I’m bundling them all up for you.  Now, all three of these artists are very familiar to the Waxhole readers and fam, and these tunes are some more of what we all love about them.

All three of these guys are great people to work with, great people to follow their careers, and great people to just shoot the shit with. So check their tunes below, give them a follow and by all means, show them some love!

First there is Soulular (Soundcloud, Twitter), who has been a regular feature on the blog and contributor to our Compilation, as well as our Weekly Wax series. This tune, from the upcoming release coming out on Tuesday (HERE) and available HERE, is a great taste of the release. The atmospheric and chilled out bass, with the laid back but engaging vibe is just what you’d expect from the man, and what makes us love his sound and his style.

Then there’s the homey TYR (Soundcloud, Official Site), a great producer who we also followed since those TT days when he was mostly dubstep, has continued to evolve and refine his sound and drops dope remix after dope remix for us to enjoy.  This one is a great tune that blends folk and blues with TYR’s own brand of bass and funk and makes a wonderful, grooving concoction that you can’t help but listen to over and over again.

Last, but definitely not least, we have Spoken Bird (Soundcloud, Twitter), a producer and great dude out of the Bay Area was one of those guys who hung out with us int hose halcyon days of His first taste of Waxhole coverage was a remix of Soulular track and he’s been busy ever since. This tune is off of Spoken’s EP released on Chillage Records (HERE), and as a part of four squishy bass tunes, and synthy meanderings, it makes for a nice and tidy release.

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