Tennyson With You

tennyson-with-you-mp3“With You” is the latest from the young virtuosos, Tennyson (Soundcloud/Facebook). Sibling duo Luke and Tess Tennyson deliver an undeniably fresh track that takes the listener on a jazz-infused journey across the bubbliest of soundscapes.  The initial “With You” riff is something that will have listeners mindlessly jamming out but the magic behind Tennyson is that they’ve crafted a song that beckons listeners to tune in repeatedly because it’s so richly layered that you want to be able to grasp every note that’s laid out for you.

This track has some of the smoothest and funkiest beat progressions I’ve heard in a while but it’s Luke Tennyson’s work on the keyboard that calls for admiration as it carries the listener throughout this fine piece of electronic jazz. And as a bonus for all you closet nerds out there, let’s see if you can catch the Zelda sample that’s been weaved into this track.

Posted By: The Brain

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