Shhh, ZHU Is Coming

ZHU – Paradise Awaits from ZHU on Vimeo.

Secrets secrets secrets. When you’re not a part of the secret, they suck. But if you are a part of it, well then it’s awesome! Now we have some clarification as to some of the secret things that started happening a few weeks ago as people around NYC started seeing anonymous ZHU posters popping up on the streets around town. We got excited but then got a tad bit disappointed because we didn’t know what was happening. Well the reason is there will be a Secret show, at a Secret location in the NYC area to which you all are now a part of. So now that you’re in on the secret, you can be excited!

Not only is there a secret show coming, but there is an exclusive 7″ vinyl release from ZHU, partnering with Opening Ceremony to not only sell the 7″, but also sell tickets to an exclusive and intimate show. Each record comes with a ticket to one of the shows (Nov 21 & 22) with the times and venue to be announced. Below are the details provided for the show and how to get the tickets:

“Tickets for ZHU’s November 21st and 22nd performance dates will be sold exclusively at Opening Ceremony’s flagship New York City location, 35 Howard Street, starting Thursday, October 16 at 5:30 PM.”

And to announce this comes a wonderful video from ZHU as seen above, directed by Tomek Ducki, who is so creative and so very unique.  Go check his other works HERE, and support.

So for our New York homies, go get these tickets and vinyl.  For those of us that aren’t, well let’s just be happy that we’re part of the secret now and know that there might be secret happenings coming for you too.

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