Rustie, Snubluck, & Glassy Provide More Than Just A Glimpse

SnubGlassyLong time favorite and friend of the blog Snubluck has joined forces with fellow Dirty//Clean labelmate Glassy to take on Rustie’s tune ‘A Glimpse’. First shown to us with in Snubluck’s Weekly Wax he fleshed it out at our request, and provided it for you all to enjoy as a free download. That right there shows that Snub not only is a great dude, but he’s also so so prolific and can crank out dope tunes on the regular. Glassy is new to me, and I have been digging in as you should as well!

As for the tune at hand, this is a nice synthy sweeping rendition, showing Snubluck’s range and introducing us to Glassy’ sounds and vibe. When there is a Rustie remix you hope to god that the synths remain at least in some part, and what Snubluck (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Glassy (Soundcloud, Facebook) have done respects that and builds off of that.  So yeah, job well done taking a great original and making it as enjoyable.

So enjoy the tune and tanks to Snubluck and Glassy for the free download!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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