Rising Tides So So Good

sunsettidesSVNSET WAVES is a wonderful project run by good friend Corbin Cary, who is doing great things in the musical devoid Panhandle region of Texas. He’s bringing together so many great artists with his blog, and with his project SOMICO that he co-runs, he’s exposing us all to some really great producers under the age of 18. He’s a guy always on the grind, and a great guy to just hang with as well, so we are always so happy to support when he produces something from any one of his projects or just whenever he really likes something.

So of course when he dropped the huge 37 track compilation last week we were quick to snatch it up and consume. Now, with 37 tracks there is a lot to consume, so in order to select just three of the tunes from the entire collection it took a bit of time. But now, after a weekend of listening and enjoying, the three tunes below just so happen to be the final three of the compilation. However, there are so many that could have made the cut. The Al Ak tune, or the John Looke tune, or even the King of Nails tune all are deserving, but I had to pick just three to tease, right? Yeah it’s a tough life.

At any rate, check these tunes, and then go cop the compilation in full (HERE) and start discovering.

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