Remixing Left/Right’s Puzzle

Left/Right is a name you’re all familiar with if you’re in the Dallas scene. If you’re not but you read the blog, well then you know of him as well (See?). And if none of the above applies, well then get introduced because as much as he is a friend and is a supporter of all things music in the local and broader scenes, he’s one hell of a musician. Always throwing down dope mixes,  he’s also one for great originals.  I was introduced to his music back about 6 years ago when he was still throwing down dope breaks and breaks mixes. He’s evolved his sound, but he’s still the same great musician as before. Now working full time with his own production services, you might wonder where his original productions have gone? Fret not, little ones, because he has so many projects ready to pop it’ll make your head spin.

As for the business at hand, though, we are hosting the stems to one of his tunes he produced (HERE) after last year’s Burning Man. Featuring his own vocals and of course his own production, he’s really turned in a great tune that we’ve been really enjoying ever since. Giving the stems away for free to any and everyone who’d want to remix is his way of not only giving those friends of his that would like to try their hand, but also anyone in the music community as well. Releasing stems to the public is a lot like throwing out a message in a bottle and waiting for whatever comes back. Many producers from many different genres will try it, and the different interpretations of an original composition, as a producer, is rewarding in and of itself. for a fan of his music, and this song in particular, the thrill is there as well, because taking a song you like and replicating it 10, 20, 30 is great!

So for those interested check this tune below, get the stems (HERE), and let us know what you come up with. We’re as pumped to hear as Left/Right himself.

Also, as a bonus, check the mix below he threw down when he opened for Gorgon city.  Showcasing the different but seamless sounds he employs in his mixes, he shows once again that he’s a pro you make a point to see whenever is on the bill.

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