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inspectedThis eclectic compilation will take you from the most euphoric highs to the grimiest lows. This T-Rex of a compilation is a seriously intense and deep and comes to you from Inspected. “Powered by Inspected” features 17 full tracks that will blow your speakers if you aren’t careful. Make sure to check this one out asap.

We featured one tune from the compilation already (HERE), but this entire album needs to be talked about more, and more tracks need to be highlighted.  The wait on getting this out to you was mostly because I couldn’t figure out which three tracks to showcase.  They’re all so very good!


DIVERSA – “Onset”

The first track I’d like to talk about is “Onset” by DIVERSA (Soundcloud, Twitter). Staying true to their name, this is one of the most diverse tracks on this compilation. The syncopated drum beat meshes perfectly with the low tones and haunting synths. This track even takes a 180 half way through and becomes something purely dynamic and breathtaking. DIVERSA have done an amazing job on this track, and we hope there is much more to come.

Sam Gellaitry – “Waiting So Long”

In one word, this track is sexy. The deep house influenced bass line and the vocals create a sweet groove that ushers in something truly special. The pure instrumentation in this song is absolutely on point. Every synth seems more like it’s own instrument than just a different cut of the track. Near the end the listener can even feel a freeform jazz influence that is truly a treat for the ears. The best part of this track is how it gradually evolves and changes. Each transition in sound is produced seamlessly. This is another track that is a must listen, and Gellaitry (Soundcloud, Twitter) is a must follow.

– “Let The World Know”

This track is truly grimy and hard. The aggressive percussion helps to accentuate on the whole flow of the track. If the drums aren’t quick and poignant, they are shaking your whole rib cage. This is another track that grows extremely well and becomes it’s own entity by the time it ends. The vocal injections in this track are awesome and well placed, the drums are aggressive and intricate, the bass line is wobbly and full- what else could you want? Once again, you gotta check this track out, and Emperor (Soundcloud, Facebook), as well.

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