Noctum With The Freak Splat Headbanga

FreaksplatAs a Waxhole reader, you know the name Joseph Noctum. Whether providing dope pics for some of our Weekly Waxes, providing dope guest mixes for the blog, or as 1/2 of Libations & Oscillations, he’s everywhere, and he wears a lot of hats for the blog and label and on his own side. Just take a look at his Officfial Site to see what all he’s a part of and does when he’s not making dope musics. A great guy, and one of those dudes who can produce for any genre, mix for any theme, or DJ for any crowd, he’s a true pro and a true friend. One of the best people in the business, we’re lucky to have him in the fam, and as a oft times collaboration partner.

As part of the crew, we knew that he and his L&O brother were working on a fun EP featuring mashups and remixes that they’ve created for their live sets, and this tune fell out onto the cutting room floor as just ‘not right for the EP’. Their words, not mine. Luckily for us, Joe picked up the tune, fleshed it out some more and let us host as an Exclusive. Giving a home to a tune that would otherwise live only in their live sets, and hyping the upcoming Cocktails EP (watch this space) that will be dropping in just a few weeks of time.

So jam this tune, and if you’re an Austin resident make sure you catch him when he and/or his L&O performs and you’ll get your waxholes filled with this type of greatness from all different genres and vibes. Give him a follow (Soundcloud, Twitter), and his L&O project a follow. So many good tunes abound!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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