Maxx Baer & KRNE Take Us To The Cosmic Canyon

MaxxXKRNE ARTWhat’s the perfect way to start off your week you ask? This new Maxx Baer & KRNE collaboration that was just released on Hebinomichi should suffice. “Cosmic Canyon” is a feel good future bass anthem that must be heard; seasoned with feel-good keys, cashmere cat-like synthesizers that are layered with pitched shifted vocals, and a massive drop this one is a handful [in the best way possible].

You know we love us some KRNE as he just keeps throwing down awesomeness after awesomeness, and to be included with such a dope project as Hebinomichi, well it’s a match made in our heaven.

Hebinomichi (Soundcloud, Facebook) continues to impress us with their content, so I am incredibly hyped to hear the full Hebinomichi Vol. 1 compilation set to release next week, seeing how stunning the prior 3 releases have been, on top of how good “Cosmic Canyon” is, these dudes are really setting the bar high for their fellow upcoming collective/labels.

Posted By: RCD

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