M.A.U. Takes Us On A Safari

MAU-Safari-Entrepreneur-610x610M.A.U. (Soundcloud, Facebook)has been a wee bit quiet lately, but that has been for a great reason.  Getting their resources together to launch this album that dropped last night, is always a great reason to be quiet.  Knowing the process and effort it has taken to get this album together and released makes it even more special for me to see dropped.  And if I’m excited, you know the M.A.U. crew is super stoked.  And with tunes such as these, well yeah you can see why.  Getting a little help from some friends Leitbur, Max Greenhalgh, and Adam Glover, providing vocals, you get a great indie dance release that has some good range and good vibes all the way through.

I first got introduced to M.A.U. way back in 2012(!), and I’m so happy to have gotten the intro.  This group out of Portugal are the nicest people you’d ever meet.  And side projects too?  Well yeah they have them too (Mira Un Lobo). In the past you have heard some of these tunes, such as Cheetah, Children Playing Adults, and Safari Entrepreneur Pt 2, that are also on the album, but now you get 9 more tunes to sate that appetite for more that the three tunes before would produce more of the the same goodness.  Below you will only see three tunes, but we have to tease you somehow so you go HERE to grab the rest.  I mean we can’t do EVERYthing for you.

But, with the three tunes that have dropped before, the three tunes below, and the back catalogue of M.A.U.’s I’d hope by now you wouldn’t need any more motivation. But if so, that’s cool, I get it. Hold it, squeeze it, sniff it, thump it. Do whatever you need to do because this one is something you need to have in your quiver. And if you want a freebie, that M.A.U. has generously made available, well go cop that ‘Cold Cheap Leather’ HERE.

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