K Theory Gets Down With Their Weekly Wax

Weekly Wax 26 SquareK Theory, the duo, now trio, that has been featured on Waxhole for many years now (1st post?), has taken time out of their slammed schedule to throw down a guest mix of original tunes, and some of their remixes, all of them tunes they’ve been groovin to on their own and in their sets.

Getting to know them through the years, it was clear that they are some of the most prolific producers in the game.  They are those guys who have music seeping out of their pores and if they don’t throw it down in Ableton, they’d explode.  And nowadays, they’ve added yet another facet to their production and live sets.  Malcolm, an MC who provides dope vocals over the K Theory production, has joined and ramped up the energy in your headphones and definitely on stage.  Adding this element has opened up a ton more opportunities for the production duo to explore and expand upon.

As for the mix at hand, we get a good glimpse of a ton of K Theory goodness. This is what you’d see at a live show, if you close your eyes and imagine a thousand other dancing sweaty people around you, the bass reverberating deep inside your chest cavity, and the lights illuminating in pastel hues the surrounds and the group themselves.

So jam this mix, check out the great Q&A they provided (Tracklist after the Q&A), get ready for your weekend, give K Theory a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook), and show them some love.

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Additional Edits – Joseph Noctum

Waxhole – Since we last spoke you’ve added Malcolm to the live show and in the studio. How and why did that partnership happen?

K Theory – It was definitely a universe inflicted pairing. Malcolm is originally from Morristown, New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his life in music. He met a producer, David Spears, that we had been friends with in the Bay Area, shortly after David relocated to LA. Ironically, I (Dylan) was in LA the same week and met up with both of them to hear the amazing new music they had been working with. Instantly, I heard something special in Malcolm and the songs, and wanted to remix the work immediately, I actually started chopping up the stems in the car as we were on our way to our first dinner together. We finished 17 tracks in 6 weeks and started a new group project for live performance, K Theory Live. Since then, we’ve been unstoppable in the studio, its been amazing, and the live shows have been so much fun. We’ve finally hit the point when we think the music is just writing itself and all of our individual styles are meshing into a new super genre, K Theory.

Waxhole – How has adding Malcolm changed your live experience. Any plans for further changes to the live show?

K Theory – Oh man, we got plans. Adding Malcolm was a whole new dynamic. He not only is an extremely talented MC, he was comfortable on stage day 1 and is so skilled at interacting with the crowd and it really gives everyone who comes to our show a direct interaction with us. They can touch him, stare him in the eyes and watch him methodically rap every verse to their faces. It gets a little sketch during all ages shows, those girls have no boundaries. We’ve added some slight additions, I’m singing as well now, dustin has been shredding the keys as always and we are locked and loaded with a full band version of our live show as soon as the touring logistics permit, very excited for the future of k theory live.

Waxhole – You guys have always been prolific in the sheer amount of tunes you release. What fuels that fire and can we buy some of whatever it is?

K Theory –
Its this green powder our vocal coach gives us, not sure what it is but he says its legal, we take his word for it. But actually, thats what you get when you put three hyper creative artists in one apartment. We are writing every day all day, it just doesn’t stop, and you can’t stop it, except in death, maybe? A lot of our craziest tracks have stemmed from dreams, which is pretty cool. We’ve also converted over to a song driven writing formula, so the music pretty much writes itself around the songs and we still love doing tons of remixes that we connect to.

Waxhole – When you guys sit down to write a track, do you produce with the live set in mind or do you produce more for the headphones/car stereo?

K Theory – We produce to achieve the highest quality on all systems (cars, clubs, festivals, etc) but mainly to make sure it sounds good on a macbook speaker or ibuds, because most consumers don’t have beats or nice headphones, that is changing, so even better for our music. If you produce to achieve a certain quality in only one place it seems to be really limiting for full cross over potential. For our live sets, we produce as normal, and then find ways to accentuate live that still maintains the driving pulse of electronic music with the flair of live that is ever lacking in the modern dj world.

Waxhole – What is coming up we should all keep an eye out for? Tour? Releases? collab’s?

K Theory – ALBUM x TOUR

….and something very special starting December 1st to show you all how prolific we actually are, thanks wax hole, and stand by!



01) Drake – Best I Ever Had (K Theory Remix)
02) Lana Del Rey – Serial Killer (K Theory Remix)
03) Ivy Levan – Hang Together (K Theory Remix)
04) K Theory & Topher Jones – Light The Skies ft. Mark Underdown
05) Sidestep – The Limit (K Theory Remix)
06) K Theory – VC Commander (VIP Mix)
07) K Theory – Wut They Gon Do!
08) The Chainsmokers – Kanye (K Theory Remix)
09) K Theory & Topher Jones – Get Down
10) Topher Jones – Talk About It (K Theory Remix)
11) Miley Cyrus – Drive (K Theory Remix)
12) Adara x K Theory – Stadium
13) K Theory – Notorious
14) Jus Jack – The Stars (K Theory Remix)
15) K Theory – Azealia The B
16) K Theory – Space Tokyo (KTFYB Mix)
17) Ty Dolla Sign – Or Nah (K Theory Remix)
18) Naughty Boy – La La La ft. Sam Smith (K Theory Remix)
19) K Theory – Good Times
20) K Theory – Watch Me Kill It
21) K Theory – Furious Bells
22) K Theory – Pyramids
23) K Theory – Rachét
24) K Theory – Geeked Up
25) K Theory – In A Minute
26) K Theory – UBS (2013 VIP)

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