JNTHN STEIN & Brass Tracks Get Together for Goodness

JNTHN-Stein-Brasstracks-Laced-UpWhen two artists come together that you dig you get excited. sometimes you know this is going to happen with a certainty that two like minded and like sounding artists would eventually come together to work. But then there are times when two artists you dig from two different sides of the musical spectrum come together to really blow your mind.

This is what happened here with the collab of Brass Tracks and JNTHN STEIN with their tune ‘Laced Up’. To this point Brass Tracks had been covering rnB standards as well as setting festivals alight with their rambunctious style and flavor. And STEIN? well he’s been steady throwing down his style of beats and jams that made Team Supreme take notice and us as well.

And as far as how the partnership came about? well it was no cosmic intervention or chance meeting at a show. No, the trumpet player for Brass Tracks, one Ivan Jackson, and STEIN are actually roommates. A little more mundane of a reason, maybe, but I don’t care because that means more collabs like these are coming.

So check this tune, get down, and look out for more from STEIN (Soundcloud, Official Site), and Brass Tracks (Soundcloud, Twitter).  Together, or on their own, the deserve your ears and your love.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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