I Wanna Be Down With ChooKy

Chooky- Brandi RemixChooky (Soundcloud, Official Site) is an upcoming producer based out of Washington D.C. and this remix put me onto his music. He decided to flip Brandy’s 1994 hit “I Wanna Be Down” into his own tripped out remix filled with a lush sound design from beginning to end. For starters, he pitched the the vocals from the original and then laced the backing instrumental with spacey synthesizers, a lead beeping synth [a reference to 90’s beepers?] and a huge drum line filled with sporadic snare hits, furiously fast hi-hats and a random assortment of claps.

Quite the introductory track for listeners, so get familiar with Chooky’s uniquely hybrid R&B / Trap / Future Bass sound because I’m sure he’ll be around for a while. Be sure to snag the Free Download on this gem if you’re feeling it!

Posted By: RCD

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