Hebinomichi & JAWZ Combine For Magic

Jawz hebi artFor Hebinomichi’s second release to the public (remember the 1st?), JAWZ (Soundcloud, Official Site), a 21 year old Australian producer unleashes “After Dark,” a brand new future bass ballad that must not be slept not. Triumphant horns are the introduction on the latest from JAWZ and that’s why it will grab many listeners attention, their seriously hypnotizing. Now add those together with a dream-like lead synth, an eerie yet captivating vocal sample and some beautiful keys and you’ve got yourself a hit! Hebinomichi (Soundcloud, Twitter) is 2 for 2 on these releases, their both straight fire. I am very excited to see what this collective brings to the table next.

The art was created by Alfred English (Facebook), who will be handling all the art for the upcoming collective this month. When speaking on his design he stated “… I choose a bit of a spacey color palette and added some other features to the image with the objective of creating more depth. I think the song is pretty deep with all of it’s reverb and that vocal sample floating elegantly through the track, so I tried to materialize that aural sensation through my use of color and object.”

Posted By: RCD

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