Halfway Bay Goes All The Way

halfway bayFor many of you around the country, summer has long passed and the chilling touch of autumn is becoming more and more present. That isn’t the case here in Southern Cali. We’re stuck with this perpetual exposure to the sun’s warmth and it’s most definitely toasting our skin and baking our brains. It has its disadvantages and perks but what I love most of all is the fact that chillwave tracks never go out of season. This is where Halfway Bay (Soundcloud, Facebook) comes in.

Hailing from the land of Foster’s Beer, this Australian-based producer has just released his first EP (get it for free HERE) which he’s aptly dubbed ‘EP1’ and it’s a wonderful collection of six songs perfect for any poolside setting. Full of smooth synths and warm beats, each track hits you with pleasurable tropic vibes – it’s hard not to imagine yourself on some beach shore basking in the sun, sipping on some margaritas, and looking out into the ocean in hopes of witnessing a shark attack.

Halfway Bay keeps to a mellowed mood and he doesn’t stray far from it throughout the EP but that’s not to be taken negatively. He shows variety in tracks like “Brushfire”, “Drano”, and “Integrity” where the jazzy influences accent the EP’s tone. I also have to commend him for being able to incorporate the bubbly sound of steel drums into a number of his pieces. Seriously, who would’ve thought that tropical steel drums had a place in electronic music?

As a new artist, the sound and vibe he establishes in these tracks make for an intriguing signature sound and I’m all ears, ready to see what else he’s got in store for us in the future. For now, I’ll hit the replay button on these songs while I’m tanning in my backyard staring blindly at the sun.

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