Dope Twofer For Your Tuesday From True Key, And AYO Alex

allsoundsTwo producers you know if you’ve followed Waxhole for long dropped tunes recently, and boy are they good ones. One producer, True Key, we’ve released through our label, and the other, AYO Alex, we’ve featured before a couple of times. Both producers are great guys, and both have a great back catalogue. You give each a follow, and you will be doing yourself a favor.

If you are in the market for a jam, then look no further. True Key (Soundcloud, Twitter) will scorch your speakers with this truly unique original track. “Flying” offers something new and different that has not been in the jersey club scene. Even though this track may fall under the genre of “jersey club,” it seems to have influences from many different styles. The percussion stays true to jersey club, but some of the melodies and synth work have a more futuristic feel to them. From the accelerated beginning all the way to the synth based vibes at the end, this is a track you will not want to miss.  Check out this tune and cop the whole compilation HERE for some tasty jams.

As a true Jersey native, AYO Alex (Soundcloud, Facebook) knows how to work his home town genre and create true jersey club staples. This bootleg of “Club Goin’ Up On A Tuesday” (remember this remix?) will leave you feeling bouncy off of good vibes. Although the jersey drops are perfectly executed, the most impressive parts of this track are the long drawn out breaks and breathing synths. Each breakdown compliments the build ups and drops tastefully and tactfully. This track as a whole is extremely groovy and deep but keeps the jersey feel. Ayo Alex has proven once again to be a jack of not one, but all trades. I dare you to find another artist who can create tracks ranging from deep house to jersey club or even full on progressive. Definitely check this one out on this fine Tuesday.

Posted By: Skeems

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