Congratulations Dillon Francis

If you’ve been hiding under a rock perhaps you haven’t heard of Dillon Francis, (Facebook, Soundcloud) or maybe you’ve heard of him but didn’t know he had a new full length original album out, Money Sucks Friends Rule. Oh you know about that? Well you should because shortly after the album released on October the 27th it hit number one on the iTunes Dance charts and number five overall best selling album on iTunes. In a digital age where everyone is demanding free streaming music it’s really nice to see an artist have well deserved success on their debut full-length album. So congratulations to Dillon Francis for his hard work paying off in good fortune, and congratulations to the fans for supporting the artist. If you haven’t picked up the album yet go grab it here, and enjoy one of my favorite tracks off the album while you do.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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