Coast Takes Madeaux and Flips It

Madeaux-whatchawannado-coast-Remixcoast are an upcoming LA & NY based production duo that recently released their debut remix. The dude’s decided to flip “whatchawannado” by Madeaux into their own shiny masterpiece that’s filled with some huge drums and some even bigger synths that are wailed on from beginning to end. The incredibly smooth female vocals help set the tone for this one, but by the end the keys will have you gliding to your next area of arrival.

Not only am I a fan of this tune, but Madeaux himself re-posted it on soundcloud earlier today to show support! Big moves on coast’s horizon, so stay tuned to see what’s next.

So give Coast (Soundcloud, Twitter) a follow and follow along as they start to take off.

Posted By: RCD

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