Cesare Has A Jam For You

Fickle-Friends-For-You-Cesare-RemixIf there’s one thing I have to say about Cesare (SoundcloudFacebook) it’s that he has an undeniable knack for turning indie-pop hits into some of the grooviest nu-disco tracks west of the Earth’s hemisphere. This beautifully bearded Brazilian works his magic again on Fickle Friends’ (Soundcloud) latest track, “For You”. The original song is already teeming with elated energy yet Cesare’s mix turns it into a delicious nu-disco track full of funky, tropical-house vibes.

Surprisingly there’s not much known about Cesare as a DJ and producer. He’s stayed an enigmatic figure for quite some time but it seems that he’s an artist that lets his music speak for him. Well now I’m listening and eagerly waiting for new tracks ‘cause what he’s made so far has me boogying in my seat.

Posted By: The Brain

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