Camille Corazon Makes The BAILE So Good

artworks-000095264730-kc2rdg-t500x500BAILE is back, folks.  And this time with Camille Corazon, the vocalist who collaborated with BAILE’s other project Silent Rider for their unforgettable track, ”Black Crown”.  This tune from Silent Rider solidified them as someone to keep an eye on, and they haven’t disappointed since.  And for Corazon, well she’s still as wonderful a vocalist.  This pairing would be such a great partnership for more releases, but since that is not the case these days, we will just have to enjoy the tunes as they do drop singularly.

As for this one, BAILE does as he did before and takes a backseat to Camille’s vocals but whe  it’s time for the intro, the breakdown and the in between times, BAILE fills those gaps between Camille’s vocals so so well.  The backing tune could easily be it’s own dope tune, which for me shows the merit of the production more than anything.  When you can produce a stand alone tune that also does not overshadow or overpower the vocalist, making it imperceptible what came first, the vocals or the production, that is awesome.

We’ve always known BAILE (Soundcloud, Facebook) holds much goodness in his manos, and this tune is just another one in the long list of dope tunes of his and with Silent Rider.  So give him a follow, dig this tune really hard, and show him some love.  He deserves it all.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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