Bassed Out Fourpack From Tropkillaz, RVWR, Carmack, & SoySauce

tropkillaz2So it’s Monday.  Either you’re worn out from a weekend of going out or festival going, or you just cannot get your motor started, you now have four tunes to get you going.  These tunes aren’t from cats you haven’t heard of, but they are some fire all the same.  Waxhole alums, Carmack, RVWR, Tropkillaz, and Soysauce all have released tunes over the weekend or today.

Enjoy the tunes and follow them all. They belong on your radar.

First off, just on Friday, the trap kings from Brazil, Tropkillaz, dropped an EP featuring a new single as well as remixes from Soniye, Cesqueaux, JSTJR, Mr. Buff, and DJ Samu. Trap overload, but in such a good way with this release, and the original? Yeah that one is a Tropkillaz special, doing what they do all so well.

SoySauce, the mysterious producer/s gets after Sir Sly with this remix and it’s so so very nice. It’s a fun romp around the original, adding the vibe that you’re still not sure if it’s fun, or serious. But regardless, the tune is always banging. Oh and you want to read about the inspiration to this track (follow the link to the track’s soundcloud)> It involves Ryan Hemsowrth, grapes, and deep soulful Skype stares.

RVWR, the dude out of South Africa who is one of those promising youngsters out of the Do Work Records crew, remixed Nicki Minaj, someone whom I really dislike. However, the remix is just too good to be ignored. really heavy and dense bass, along with concussive beats, and you are fully awake now. And for RVWR’s inspiration behind the tune, this is what he had to say: “The way i came about doing this bootleg/remix is weird cause when i first started writing the song i didn’t have anaconda in mind at all, i just went in it blindly made a few cool loops & the first vocals that come to mind while listening to the loops over & over was, “My Anaconda Don’t”, and i guess thats how i made the decision to go with making a Anaconda Bootleg.”

And finally, we have the man, Mr. Carmack. Coming from a weird homage account to Carmack on Soundcloud, and exposing some tunes that have been declared ‘secret’, and you have some goodness. The oft-remixed Aaliyah hasn’t escaped Carmack’s touch and I’m so glad he did.

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