WAXHOLE RECORDS Presents: Khai & Alexa Lusader

10681601_10152777364999260_802664070_nWe are stoked to present our newest Waxhole Records Release “Ame Solitaire” by Khai & Alexa Lusader.

Produced by Whitest Black (the dual creative minds of J-Rush and Khai himself), Ame Solitaire began a year ago but  was never fully realized.

It wasn’t until they came across the amazing vocalist, Alexa Lusader, that the final components came together to create their finished masterpiece.

This track begins slowly and honestly, delivering Khai’s soulful vocals on an ever growing soundscape of electronic bliss. Building into an incredibly crafted vocal stutter, the track powers into the chorus with one of the catchiest hooks we’ve heard in a while. Falling away into the break down, Alexa’s soft and sensual voice emerges to deliver the second verse. The pairing of these vocals works perfectly, and delivers an ass tons of sex appeal. I am all for ass tons. For real though, give it your attention.

This one is out today. Grab it on your favorite platform, and please share it, heart it, and play it loud!

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/khaiame

iTunes: http://bit.ly/khaiameitunes

Follow Khai:

Follow Alexa Lusader:

Original Art by Pauline Moss:

Mastering via Waxhole Mastering:


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