Xhjyl is Back With Brazilian Flavor

xhjyldreamsThis project here is something I’m so very happy about.  An MC I got to know from various posts of his music (HERE and HERE), partnering up with some of the dopest producers in Brazil, sants, and CESRV, part of the dopest of dope Beatwise Recordings (Official Site, Soundcloud) crew.  All of these guys I’ve got to know and shoot the shit with on a regular basis (thanks internet!) and them coming together to combine their considerable talents has been so awesome to see.  Knowing they are all so very good at what they do, I wasn’t cautious of how it’d turn out, but rather just waiting for it to drop.

And it’s delivered.  The fantastic production of Bento (Soundcloud), CESRV (Soundcloud, Twitter), and sants (Soundcloud, Facebook) lays such a great foundation for Xhjyl to lay his laidback PacNW vibe to it just seems like they were made for each other. Halfway across the world, and still comes across so very well in the studio just shows that no matter the current circumstances, the various places of growing up and perspectives, music is always the great unifier. It’s cliche, sure, but in this instance it applies.

So give this project a listen, enjoy it to the fullest, go cop it (HERE), and show Xhjyl some love. He’s got it the skills in spades. And for the Beatwise crew, well as I keep saying, follow them already! They’re on the serious come-up


Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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