TrailerTV #34 Getting Filthy

TrailerTV34What are you doing this afternoon/evening/morning? Are you seriously going to sit behind your desk looking at inane clickbait articles and random Vines showing the oddness of humanity? Are you seriously going to stay inside with your cat and watch yet another episode of Orange Is The New Black? Seriously? How about this instead. How about tuning into the event our favorite Deptford crew are throwing today. Featuring acts Jumpin Jack Frost, Philth, Agman Gora, Keith Rinse-It, and Boca. Giving us a true diversity of sound and vibe, this show is going to be fantastic, as per usual.

You have seen us hype their events before, but if you haven’t, just know this. Wherever you are in the world, if you have internet, you can tune into this large show in a small venue. Live streaming the performances, as well as the always entertaining interviews, if you aren’t lucky enough to be a Londoner and go in person, you can tune in from your desk, living room, or wherever you plant yourself for the evening. If you are a Londoner and want to go be a part of this great scene, head to Deptford, look for the big red bus selling pizza pies and the trailer behind is the venue. It’s all in the name, innit?

Go HERE for the livestream details, and HERE if you want to go in person. And if you’re not savvy on who these acts are or why you should listen, well below are some samplings of their work, and if you go HERE, you can see past shows of theirs to see what you’re in for, or to just enjoy some past and awesome shows.  Tuck in!

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